It is important to appreciate inappropriate alteration or repair to older buildings can cause damage to their character and construction. There are significant differences between traditional and modern forms of construction and it is important to use appropriate repair techniques. At Team Force we have the traditional skills and experience needed to retain the character and conservation of old and historic buildings.

Older buildings normally have a 'softer' form of construction allowing for greater structural movement and migration of moisture. Problems are likely to occur if maintenance is inadequate or when incompatible modern materials have been introduced. Hard cement mortars, plasters and renders can hinder the evaporation of moisture whereas traditional lime-based mortars allow buildings to breathe.

We understand that older buildings require sensitive restoration and an understanding of their history and constructional form. Our expert team have the experience and craftsmanship to cater for the often demanding needs of older and historic listed buildings.

From initial consultation and expert advice our skilled craftsmen have the knowledge to ensure your restoration, refurbishment or conservation project is carried out to our exacting standards.

Our Main Services

We work with clients to evaluate the existing state stonework and the degree of intervention and repair necessary. Our specialist stone masons are qualified in the preparation and use of lime mortars for use in re-pointing and stone repair.

Repair methods are matched to the needs of a projects particular stone problem, often a single project will require us to utilise a palette of techniques. The overriding principle is to retain as much of the original stone as possible.

Masonry Repair Techniques: complete stone replacement, replacement of individual stone, carved stonework, indenting, render repairs, redressing, pinning, lime mortar use.

At Team Force our experienced craftsmen have a particular understanding of older and historic listed buildings and we have gained a reputation for the superb quality of our timber restoration.

Wood is integral to most buildings, it lends them strength, purpose and beauty, but if left untreated it can be the cause of untold problems. It is prone to: insect infestation, dry rot, wet rot.

At Team Force we have experience of listed and historic building restoration, our services include structural repair, damp proofing, internal and external façade refurbishment, roofing and leadwork.

We can effectively treat all major timber problems, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Everything from, the smallest carved detail to a major timber frame refurbishment. roofs, joists, floorboards, windows – sash & casement, doors, rot-proofing.

We can advise you on and implement a course of remedial action suited to the needs of your particular project.

Our specialist expertise in leadwork roofing applications means we can accommodate all types of work on older and historic listed buildings, where attention to detail and craftsmanship are vital for proper restoration.

Older buildings often have complex roof structures with hidden gutters and valleys and the sources of problems may not be immediately visible. Moisture saturation of roof timbers, can sometimes lead to dry rot.

The quality of our workmanship ensures that excessive thermal movement does not occur and flashings on chimneys, parapets, and abutments, which all require specialist and detailed leadwork is appropriate in thickness, size and design.

All of our leadwork adheres to current L.D.A (Lead Development Association) guidelines.

Leadwork Repair: Stepped flashing, Box gutters, Run out valleys, Sand(machine cast or milled lead use), Bossing and Welding.

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