Ever wondered who lived at Lindisfarne Priory and what life was like around the time the famous gospels were written? Visitors to the tranquil priory can marvel at stones inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels in a new display set to be located within the museum.

Brendan Teasdale, master stonemason recreated 8th century Anglo-Saxon designs in stones in the grounds of the stunning Lindisfarne Priory. The delicate stones, decorated and painted in a manner similar to the Lindisfarne Gospels, commemorate the lives and deeds of people who served and lived within the community at the time the Gospels were created. The stones are now on display in the Lindisfarne Priory museum.

‘Inscribed in Stone’ visitors can discover more about the community who lived at the time the Gospels were created. Displaying intricately carved original and colourful replica ‘name stones’ some dating back to the 7th Century the display will answer these questions for visitors making the journey to the original and spiritual home of the sacred text.

Kevin Booth, English Heritage Curator said: “The name stones give us very rare access to actual names – real people who may have known Cuthbert and Eadfrith. Who were the people of the priory? The new display explores who they might have been, who they knew and using their delicate memorials visitors can discover the craft and skills of the early 8th century.”

In conjunction with this new museum display, a special family trail around the Priory grounds and a series of events and activities from June- September will mark a gospels revival at the priory this summer. For more information about all the events this summer held at Lindisfarne Gospels, visit www.english-heritage.org.uk/Lindisfarne

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