Team Force Restoration feature in the popular television programme ‘More Tales from Northumberland’ starring Robson Green, with our Managing Director and Master Stonemason Brendan Teasdale.

Whilst at Seaton Delaval Hall working on a series of restoration projects. Brendan took the opportunity to display his craftsmanship and talk about his true passion in life, stonemasonry and the importance of heritage skills. A new slab was placed in the front of the building and we began to hand curve a lion's head as part of a public engagement exercise, to inspire future generations.

We answered many questions as it is important that the public understand that care must be taken to ensure that any interventions carried out represent good conservation principles. Conservation on the whole is often designed around minimum intervention, however sometimes there are good reasons to remove historic fabric and replace it with new. We do of course have a duty to be sympathetic to the building and the same duty to replicate the existing architecture before it is lost.

Brendan passion is infectious there was lots of interest from public. It wasn’t long before we received a call from the television crew who were already on site filming for the new series of ‘More Tales from Northumberland’ with Robson Green, asking us to be part of the film making process. Robson was in awe at Brendan skills. He made it look so easy that Robson had a go himself.

Beginning nationally on ITV Monday 16th of February, Tales of Northumberland it’s set to be a most wondrous journey. As Robson says: “It’s a place that still surprises me and I’m coming up to 50 years of age. It’s a kind of ‘did you know, and if you didn’t, let me tell you something about this extraordinary part of planet earth’. It really is. It’s really beautiful and inspiring and life affirming”. Team Force Restoration will feature in episode 7.


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